Legal Notice

The Court Issued its Final Approval Order for the Ruby Class Action Settlement on July 8, 2021.

A copy of the Final Approval Order is here.

Ruby Receptionists Voucher Program

Ruby Receptionists Settlement Voucher will be issued over an 18-month period in accordance with the Court-approved class settlement.

  • Some clients will receive their vouchers as early as October 2021.
  • Other clients may receive their vouchers as late as March 2023.

The voucher distribution schedule has been designed to assure the efficient implementation of the Voucher program and in compliance with the Court’s orders.

  • The distribution program does not allow customers to request a specific date for issuance of their Voucher.
  • Please be patient during the distribution process.

Members of the Settlement Class who are entitled to receive a voucher will be notified by email or mail when a date has been set for their Ruby Receptionists voucher.

How do you know if you are in the Settlement Class?

The “Settlement Class” means:

All persons or entities in the United States who obtained receptionist services from Defendant, Ruby, between October 13, 2011, and May 31, 2018 ("Class Period"), pursuant to its form Service Agreements.

Excluded from the Settlement Class are:

  • Ruby, it affiliates, its Directors and Officers, the attorneys of any party, and the Court and its personnel;
  • Persons who have timely and validly opted out of the Settlement Class pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Agreement;
  • Persons or entities who have previously opted out of this action in response to the Notice of Pendency previously provided pursuant to the Court’s August 3, 2020, Order Regarding Notice.

What is the total value of the Settlement Voucher Fund?

The Settlement establishes a Settlement Voucher Fund of $8,000,000.00.

Each Ruby Receptionists Voucher will be redeemable for either:

>> Click here for information on the issuance and benefits of the Ruby Vouchers.