How to Get a Ruby Voucher

You will automatically entitled to a Ruby Voucher IF:

  1. You are a Settlement Class Member; and
  2. You received a Notice of the Ruby Settlement addressed specifically to you via email or by regular mail; and
  3. You have NOT excluded yourself from the Ruby Settlement; and
  4. Your pro rata share is greater than zero dollars ($0).

A Settlement Class Member that either never paid for Ruby service or was refunded all monies paid for Ruby service will have a pro rata share of zero dollars ($0) and receive no Vouchers. Click here for more information.

Your Ruby Voucher will be sent to the same email address or mailing address to which the Settlement Administrator sent you Notice of this Settlement.

What if you have a different address?

If you have relocated or changed your email or mailing address, then you must update your contact information with the Settlement Administrator in order to receive a Ruby Voucher.

>> Click here to update your contact information. <<

What if you did NOT receive a Notice of Settlement?

Those individuals or entities who believe that they are Settlement Class Members but did not receive a Notice of the Ruby Settlement via email or in the mail addressed specifically to them or their business, will need to contact the Settlement Administrator and identify yourself as a potential Settlement Class Member.

If you believe you are a Settlement Class Member who did not receive this notice and you do not self-identify through contact with the Settlement Administrator, you will not receive a Ruby Voucher from the Settlement and you will give up any rights you currently have to separately sue the Defendant for the conduct that is the subject of the Lawsuit.

The Settlement Administrator, The Notice Company, Inc., can be reached via email at, by calling, toll free, 1-800-972-7495, or by writing to The Notice Company, Inc. at the address below. Persons or entities wishing to self-identify as a member of the Settlement Class must contact the Settlement Administrator on or before June 15, 2021. The Settlement Administrator’s address:

Ruby Settlement Administrator
c/o The Notice Company
P.O. Box 455
Hingham, MA 02043