Voucher Value and Uses

The Settlement establishes a Settlement Voucher Fund of $8 million.

Which Ruby Services will accept Vouchers?

Vouchers will be redeemable only for use during a continuous and uninterrupted service period for either:

Vouchers will not be redeemable for any other service.

How is your pro rata share of the Settlement Voucher Fund calculated?

The dollar value of your Ruby Voucher will be computed according to the following methodology:

  • STEP 1: An amount of each Settlement Class Members’ pro rata share of $8 Million in total available Vouchers will be fixed by first determining the percentage of Ruby’s total receptionist billings for the Settlement Class Period represented by the Settlement Class Member’s billings for the period, less any amounts previously credited from the use of Ruby’s money back guarantee policy.
  • A Settlement Class Member that either never paid for Ruby service or was refunded all monies paid for Ruby service will have a pro rata share of zero dollars ($0) and receive no Vouchers.
  • STEP 2: A Settlement Class Member whose pro rata share as determined in STEP 1 is greater than zero dollars ($0) but less than $49.00, will be entitled to a Voucher in the amount of $49.00.
  • STEP 3: A Settlement Class Member whose pro rata share as determined in STEP 1 is greater than $49.00 will be entitled to a Voucher, in an amount equal to their pro rata share of the difference between $8 Million and the amount represented by the Vouchers described in STEP 2; provided however that the total redeemable amount of all Vouchers to be allocated pursuant to STEPS 1, 2 and 3 may not exceed $8 Million.
  • Any Settlement Class Member or transferee not then a current customer of Ruby who elects to redeem a Voucher for receptionist services that is for an amount less than the minimum monthly price of a published receptionist service plan (as of February 17, 2021, $319.00 per month) must subscribe to, and pay the additional price for, at least the minimum published plan at the time of redemption.

What is the Minimum Value of a Ruby Voucher?

At a minimum, each qualifying Settlement Class Member will receive a Ruby Voucher worth no less than $49.00. The redeemable value of all Ruby Vouchers to be distributed may equal, but is not to exceed, the Settlement Voucher Fund of $8 million.

For how long will a Ruby Voucher be valid?

A Voucher will be valid for a period running from the date of its actual distribution to a Settlement Class Member until the latter of

  • one year, or
  • the minimum period of time necessary to utilize the full value of the Voucher.

Click here for information on when Vouchers will be issued.

Can Ruby limit the usage of Vouchers?

Ruby is not required to redeem Vouchers in an amount greater than $1.33 million dollars in any one calendar quarter or to redeem Vouchers from current receptionist service customers in an amount greater than $575,000 in any one quarter.

A Voucher recipient that intends to activate service and redeem a Voucher in the first billing period after receipt must inform Ruby of this intent at the time of signup. Ruby may in its sole discretion defer activation of service for a period not to exceed 90 days, provided however that Ruby will make good faith efforts to activate service as promptly as reasonably practicable given business considerations such as staffing capacity. This paragraph does not apply to active Ruby customers that will redeem Vouchers for ongoing service.

How will Transfer Work?

Vouchers shall be transferable by Settlement Class Members one time to any person or entity. When you receive your Ruby Voucher it will include instructions for transfer. Those instructions will allow the Settlement Administrator and Ruby to track the transfer of Vouchers and to avoid potential fraud.