How to Request Exclusion

You have to decide whether to stay in the Class or ask to be excluded before the trial, and you have to decide this by no later than OCTOBER 5, 2020

If you exclude yourself from the Class — sometimes called “opting-out” of the Class — you won’t get any money or benefits from this lawsuit even if the Plaintiffs obtain them as a result of the trial or from any settlement (that may or may not be reached) between Ruby and the Plaintiffs. However, you may then be able to sue or continue to sue Ruby for breaches of its service agreements that occurred after November 2, 2012. If you exclude yourself, you will not be legally bound by the Court’s judgments in this class action.

For more information on opting out, please see questions 13 to 15 of the Notice of Class Action, which can be accessed here.

You may submit your opt-out request as follows:

Ruby Class Exclusions
c/o The Notice Company
P.O. Box 455
Hingham, MA 02043

Your request for exclusion must include the following information: (1) class member’s name (individual or entity’s name); (2) if an entity then include the representative’s full name and title; (3) mailing address; and (4) a statement that you want to be excluded from McKenzie v. Ruby Receptionists, Case No. 3:18-cv-01921. You need not give any reason for why you want to be excluded from this lawsuit, only that you want to be excluded.

To be timely, your exclusion request must be submitted online, emailed, or postmarked by no later than OCTOBER 5, 2020.